Not done Sir, but doing.

Plenty is doing.

"The result [of the feminist critique of male-dominated 'science'] is what [one] feminist theorist, Blanche Dubois, calls "Passionate Scholarship": "Feminism withdraws from the patriarchal construction of reality." Ironically, Michael Levin (Feminism and Freedom) notes, this sounds very much like the traditional misogynist argument that women are incapable of putting aside their emotions - with the difference that the misogynist values "thinking like a man", while the feminists abhor it."

Peter BRIMELOW, 1988, The Times, 25 iv.

Disclaimer: this quote appears here only to spark discussion. It is not endorsed one way or the other. Make up your own mind. Or just refresh the page for another viewpoint. From a collection assembled by the late Chris Brand.